Thursday, June 15, 2017

Old & New

June 1 2009

June 1 2017

June 13 2010

May 29 2010

May 31 2014

5th Grade "Promotion" Ceremony

made cupcakes for graduation 
met the Walsh's for one last gathering at Kush Kone before graduation to celebrate Landon's birthday

he's in the middle with arms crossed (my camera is awesome....not!)

Norah is having fun watching with Savannah

they sang Lean on Me & If I Had A Hammer - love it!

Norah & Victoria - both of their brothers are heading for middle school

Alex & Owen

Alex will miss his favorite Dogwood tree that he swings on EVERY morning we walk to school

Go Fly A Kite!

a perfect windy Sunday afternoon 

5th Grade Carnival

lots of cookies!

air brush tattoos 

giant Jenga

class T-shirt with everyone's name - so great!

fast pitch

show your strength and ring the bell

knock down the cans

kids loved the DJ

Alex bypassed all the baked goods and ate tons of watermelon

Alex's buddies David & Braeden

Cooper doing it!

Cooper, Alex, & Braeden

bottle flipping station

Alex and his favorite teacher Mr. Marshall

the neighbors Devin & Nick

Alex's class lined up for the ice cream truck!

Ethan & Alex

David & Braeden

Karrie did an awesome job making these - they raffled them off and a student won them

Alex, Braeden, David

Alex, Cooper, Braeden

Alex & Cooper

Hokey Pokey time!